4 Amazing Makeup Organizer Ideas To Declutter Your Counter

4 Amazing Makeup Organizer Ideas To Declutter Your Counter

If you're a makeup lover, you may find storing all of your products challenging. You may start shoving random makeup wherever it fits in your drawers and cabinets. You may even leave it spread out on your counter. The problem is you could forget what you have and where it is; out of sight, out of mind!

There are more efficient ways to store your makeup so you can keep track of what you have and what you're running low on. If you have a lot of makeup, you may need to get rid of a few things before you begin organizing. While it may take a little work, you'll be thanking yourself after!

We are going to go over how to declutter and organize your makeup so it’s neat and tidy. You will know what you have and exactly where to find it. 

How To Declutter Your Makeup

Before you can create a storage and organizing plan, you need to know how much makeup you have. The first step is to gather all of the makeup you own.

Layout all of your products so you can see everything. Organize the makeup into groups, foundations, concealers, powders, etc. Next, go through each product and make sure that it hasn't expired. You may feel bad for wasting product, but there's a reason those expiration dates are there. 

You also want to do a smell test on products already opened. You want to check that there isn't anything funky going on! Toss anything that seems off. Even if it's not past its expiration date, it's not worth getting a bad skin reaction. 

After all the spoiled makeup is gone, take a hard look at what's left. Is there anything you're never going to use? Or makeup that doesn't match your skin needs anymore? Get rid of those products that you will legit not use. 

If you find yourself saying, "Well, I could use this on Halloween," or "Maybe one day I might need this," get rid of it or give it away. You can even donate unopened or gently used makeup to a non-profit program like Project Beauty Share

Decluttering is a purging process that can feel hard, but you're better off without things you're not using on a regular basis. It will also make the organization process much easier!

Organize Your Makeup 

You can begin the actual organization process once you have everything sorted. Decide where you want to keep all of your makeup. Leaving everything spread out on your bathroom counter is not the ideal place. 

You may need to clean out draws entirely or part of a cabinet. If you have a vanity, it's a little easier since you already have a dedicated makeup area. However, you don't want to store everything on top of it. 

Here are four organizing ideas to help you get your makeup in order!

1. Clear Storage

You want to see the makeup that you have and the best way to do this is with clear storage. There are many different kinds of clear acrylic storage options to choose from. Measure the space you're storing it in to see how big or small a container you need. 

Clear storage can come with drawers or with dividers. If you're storing your makeup in drawers, you're probably better off buying dividers to separate and organize your products. You can adjust them to fit your needs, making smaller sections for categories with only a few products. 

2. Take Advantage of Vertical Space 

Make sure you're taking full advantage of the space you have. If you have deep drawers or tall cabinets, you can use the vertical space. Be creative with storage, like a spinning makeup tower or even a spinning spice rack can work great for makeup.

You can also stack storage containers on top of each other if it fits. You can place your brushes vertically in jars on top of your containers if you have space. Overlooking space will result in your makeup being more spread out than is necessary. 

3. Keep the Same Types of Makeup Together 

As we mentioned earlier, organize your makeup into categories. Once you see how much makeup is in each group, you can decide where it needs to go. You want to organize what you have the most of first. If you have a lot of eyeshadow pallets, you may want to keep them stacked together with the opening facing down so you can see the side of the pallet with the name showing. 

Keep foundation vertically in a drawer or area with enough room to do so. If you don't have a ton of one type of product, you can keep similar products together, like foundations and concealers. HIDE foundations and concealers are in similar packaging and look nicely side by side. 

4. Keep Daily Use Makeup Together  

Consider keeping the makeup you use daily together and storing them where it's easily accessible. By keeping it together, it makes applying your makeup every day quicker and convenient. You won't have to go into different drawers or parts of your collection to get what you need. 

You can even keep these products in a makeup bag so you can take them with you on a whim. You can also rotate out products in your daily kit to mix things up and make sure you're using your other makeup before it expires. 

Extra Makeup Storage Tips 

These are some other things to keep in mind when you're organizing your makeup. 

Sanitize Your Makeup

While organizing, take the time to clean your makeup and brushes. One study found that as many as 90% of all used makeup was contaminated with bacteria. Your makeup can have bacteria like STAPH and E. coli living on it. Yuck! 

Protect yourself by giving it a good clean. Failing to remove these harmful germs, dirt, and oil can result in infections and even wrinkles and frown lines from premature aging. 

Moisture-Free Storage

Speaking of bacteria, you want to store your makeup in a place that isn't hot or humid. When you keep your makeup on the bathroom counter and take a steamy shower, you can unknowingly speed up bacteria growth. 

Leaving your products in this environment can also shorten their shelf lives. You want to shield your makeup from moisture by keeping it in a sealed container or a closed drawer or cabinet. 

Sunlight Free Storage 

 Try to keep your makeup away from sunlight. While doing your makeup in natural light can be beneficial, storing your makeup in it can cause your eyeshadow to fade. It can also change the color of your foundation and concealer. Direct sunlight can even melt your cream products and change their consistency. 

Keep your makeup away from the sun as much as possible. Consider storing your makeup in a dark place if your bathroom gets a lot of sun. 

Tightly Sealed 

After you've gone through all of your makeup, make sure everything is tightly closed before putting it away. Products can go bad if exposed to air for too long. Certain makeup will dry out while others, like primers and BB creams with antioxidants, can be ruined.  

In Summary

Organizing and decluttering your makeup can be a rewarding process. Get rid of the products that have expired and donate what you're not going to use. Clean your makeup and organize it into categories. Store it in clear containers so you can always see what you have. 



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