Maximize your coverage

Depending on the level of coverage you require you may need to use our products differently. Here are a few tips to help you get the perfect application every time!

Step 1

Apply foundation
Our foundation was developed to maximize coverage when used with our concealer. It serves as the perfect base. Apply a layer of foundation before layering concealer to maximize your coverage. If you just have concealer that's alright! Skip this step.

HIDE® Premium Foundation

Step 2

Apply concealer
Once foundation has dried apply the first layer of concealer. Once blemish is evenly covered let it dry.

HIDE® Premium Concealer

Step 3

Depending on what you're concealing you may need multiple layers. Our concealer was made to build! Layer until you can't see whatever you want to hide. If you're just using our concealer you may need a few more layers than if you were using foundation with concealer.


Can I still cover with just concealer?
Yes of course you can! Our concealer is incredibly high coverage & can cover just about anything. When pairing our concealer with our foundation it helps to cover more visible blemishes like colorful tattoos with fewer layers. The most important thing to remember is to apply, let dry then layer.