5 Hot Makeup Looks, Styles, and Ideas for 2021

Woman putting on makeup

There have been many popular makeup trends in 2021—each one cooler than the last. If you want to switch up your look, there are new styles to try out. Makeup allows you to be creative and have fun, so don't shy away from stepping out of your comfort zone.

During 2020 makeup took a backseat to skincare, thanks to most people working from home. However, once people reemerged wearing masks, the natural skin and bold eye look were popular. As things slowly get back to normal, people are still enjoying these styles. 

Find out what the five hottest makeup looks are and how you can achieve the look. HIDE premium products can give you an excellent base to try out these new styles. 

1. No-Makeup Makeup Look

The no-makeup-makeup look is perhaps always going to be a popular trend. The minimal makeup creates a fresh complexion and highlights your natural features. This trend is easy for everyone to do because it doesn't take a lot of effort. Here are the steps to achieve the look: 

  • Step 1: Prep the skin with moisturizer and primer if you have it.  
  • Step 2: Apply a thin layer of foundation to help even your skin's complexion. You can still use a full coverage foundation for this by using a small amount or by mixing it with moisturizer for a sheer formulation. HIDE Premium Foundation works excellently at providing coverage and still feeling lightweight. 
  • Step 3: Use a flat concealer blush to spot conceal any areas of concern after you apply your foundation. You can easily over blemishes, under-eye circles, and redness peaking through. HIDE Premium Concealer has an undetectable finish great for this makeup look. 
  • Step 4: Finish your base with a light dusting of translucent powder. This step will ensure it doesn't all come off if you put a mask on or break a sweat throughout the day. 
  • Step 5: Fill in your eyebrows and apply mascara to your lashes to make your eyes pop. You don't need any eyeliner for this look.  
  • Step 6: Apply a little blush to give you that natural glow. Also, use a highlighter on the top of your cheekbones and the inner corner of your eyes. 

2. Graphic Lines 

Graphic lines around the eyes are all the rage right now. These free-flowing lines and shapes around the eyes are a look straight from the runway. They were first made popular in the 1960s, thanks to Twiggy. Now more than supermodels are trying it out. 

This trend allows you to get creative and play with color. When trying this look for the first time, don't feel like you have to go all out, but at least try something new. 

Here are a few options to try out: 

  • Floating Crease Eyeliner: Take your favorite eyeliner shade and start in the inner corner of your eye and draw a line outwards right in your crease. 
  • Straight Line: Your eyeliner doesn't always have to curve. Go for a straight line just above your crease. This can be easier for some who may struggle to do the perfect curve or wing.
  • Floating Cat Eye: If you usually do a classic cat-eye, you might love the floating cat-eye. Start by drawing a normal cat-eye. Next, draw a second line from the corner of your eye, through your crease, and out to the corner of your brow to meet with the first line. 

Don't be afraid to mix colors with these looks, using a different shade for each line. You can also add little dots around the lines for a little something extra. If you mess up, just use HIDE Premium Concealer to cover your mistakes! 

3. Bright Eyeshadow

You can finally use those random bright colors that come in eyeshadow pallets. Bright eyeshadows are making a comeback this summer. If the floating eyeliner looks all seem too much for you, try a bright eyeshadow instead. 

Try shades you may not have before, like bright pink, baby blue, or even green. Tie-dye and pastels are also trending. At first, a tie-dye eye can feel overwhelming and too complex to execute well, but it's easier than you think. 

First, try applying a shadow stick directly on the eyelids and then blend it out. This shade will be the transition shade. Next, apply powder shadows on top in different areas. Then, go in with a shimmery shade on the inner corner and brow bone to brighten the eyes. Finally, finish it off with a colored eyeliner to complete the fun look. Play with different colors to see what you like. The possibilities are endless!

4. Lifted Brows

Brushing up your brows became a popular look in 2020, and it’s still trending. Many people are getting a brow lamination treatment to achieve this look. During the procedure, solutions are applied to the brow hairs that allow them to be brushed up and set in that position. The result is the perfect feathery look that lasts for weeks. 

While feathery brows are in, there is a more defined shape becoming popular. The geolift brow style combines a noticeable lift but has a cleaner arch and tapered tail. This brow is still fluffy and full. It's not quite as dark or striking as the bold brow look.

Those with naturally bushy brows can achieve these looks without much effort. A clear brow gel can do the trick. There have also been people using soap to slick up their brows and then filling in the sparse areas with a brow pencil. 

5. Stained And Glossy Lips

Your matte lipstick isn't going anywhere, but many people are opting for a smudge-proof stain on the lips. This trend is more mask-friendly, and some products provide oils beneficial to the lips so you can treat them and color them at the same time.

Others are bringing back the glossy lips choosing non-sticky formulas for the perfect shiny lip. Good news for this trend: you can still use your go-to matte lipstick by just layering gloss over it to create shine and dimension. Another option is to put on your lip stain first as a base, then add lip gloss on top. Even if your gloss wears off, you will still have lip color on, thanks to the stain. 

As for what colors are in, it's really more of a personal preference and will depend on your skin shade and tone. Berries and nudes are on-trend right now. Soft pastels are also very popular. 

Before you go in with your lip product, try priming your lips with a foundation or concealer (like HIDE premium foundation and concealer) to create a blank canvas. This step will help more subtle shades show through and last even longer. You can also use concealer around your lips after applying your lip product to clean up the look. This technique will also bring more attention to the lips by making them pop. 

Hot Trends Takeaways

Don't be scared to have a little fun and play around with your makeup. There are several new makeup trends you can try to change up your look. You can play with geometric lines, bold eyeshadow shades, feathery brows, and lip stains. 

A natural skin finish is the best backdrop to all of these looks. HIDE Premium products are weightless and leave you with a flawless finish. The pigments in the foundation and concealer mimic skin to help you achieve that no-makeup-makeup look. 



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