Best Way To Remove Makeup: 6 Tips & Tricks (2021)

Best Way To Remove Makeup: 6 Tips & Tricks (2021)

The better your skin looks, the better your makeup will look. Part of taking care of your skin is cleansing it after a long day and removing all that makeup. However, sometimes you may feel like you can't seem to remove all of your makeup.

You wash and scrub and still see makeup remnants left behind. You may be left wondering how to remove all of your makeup. Some techniques and products can help you get all of your makeup off.

We have tips and tricks to help you remove every last bit of makeup. You can give your skin a fresh start every day, and your new makeup will go on smoother and evenly. 

Why You Need To Remove Your Makeup

You may be one of those people who doesn't even try to remove their makeup at the end of a long night. After all, you're just going to wake up and put makeup on, right? If you struggle to see the importance of making sure you remove all of your makeup, we have a few things for you to consider.

When you take the time to wash away your makeup, you're also removing impurities and dirt on the surface of your skin. If you don't cleanse your face, these germs could lead to irritation and even cause premature aging. When your skin is under stress, you can develop fine lines and wrinkles faster. Washing your face will remove dead skin cells and promote cellular renewal, which will result in a youthful appearance.

Plus, if you don't remove your makeup, you can't moisturize properly, and dry skin also causes premature aging. You need your skin to stay hydrated and supple to stay healthy. Proper skincare is crucial to great skin, and you have to start by removing your makeup. 

When you cleanse your face, you are also making sure your pores stay clear. Old makeup, dirt, and oil can collect, and your pores can become clogged. If you don't thoroughly remove your makeup, you may develop redness, pimples, blackheads, and other blemishes. By cleansing your face, you're allowing your skin to breathe, and you're reducing your chances of having a breakout. 

There are many more reasons you should want to get all of your makeup off, like avoiding skin dullness and eye irritation. The bottom line is, removing the buildup of products and impurities can only lead to good things. Your skin will thank you if you take the time to remove all of your makeup. 

Tips and Tricks To Remove Your Makeup

If you're just splashing water on your face and a little cleanser and calling it a day, you probably are leaving makeup behind. You most likely can even see the makeup on the towel you use to dry your face. We have some helpful tips and tricks to try the next time you are taking off your makeup. 

1. Use Makeup Remover To Break Down the Products

If your foundation is long-lasting, like HIDE Premium Foundation, you're going to need a makeup remover. These products are specifically formulated to break down makeup so you can wash it off your face. They gently dissolve the makeup without having to scrub. 

There are many different kinds of remover. They come in oils, balms, and other liquid forms. Some you work into your skin with your fingers, and others you use a cotton pad. You have to find one that works for your skin. 

2. Use Steam Heat

Before washing your face, you can use steam to help get the ball rolling. Fill a sink or a bowl halfway with hot water and stand over it for several minutes. The steam will open up your pores, making it easier for the remover to get deeper into your skin to get rid of makeup and dirt. 

This step will make the whole process a little longer, so it's not always necessary. However, if you have a little extra time, it can be calming. You can even add a drop of lavender essential oil for a relaxing spa-like experience.

3. Use Cleanser To Wash Away Your Makeup

You need a cleanser that can help you wash away your makeup. After using a makeup remover, massage the cleanser into your skin to ensure you're working off any left behind foundation and concealer. Don't forget to go over areas like your hairline, jawline, and down your neck. 

Once you're done, wipe your face with a wet washcloth and see if there's any makeup still present. If you still see makeup, you may need to double cleanse. 

4. Be Gentle With Your Skin

Don't scrub your face when taking off your makeup. It can stress out your skin and lead to irritation. Instead, be gentle and use a remover that does the job without having to rub vigorously. 

You can put the remover on a cotton pad and go over your face after the initial cleanse to make sure you got it all. You don't have to scrub your face to make sure you're getting the job done. 

5. Focus on Your Eyes

Somehow mascara and eyeliner always seem to last through all of this cleansing. Your skin everywhere else may be spotless, but you can still see black makeup around your eyes. You have to give your eye area a little extra attention to make sure you get all the makeup off. 

You may need a waterproof makeup remover to remove the stubborn product. Soak a cotton pad in remover and press it onto your closed eye. After 30 seconds or so, gently move the pad over your eye area. You can also use a little remover on a q-tip and run it around your eyes to get any makeup left behind. 

6. Don't Use Baby Wipes

Avoid using baby wipes to take your makeup off. They are not a substitute for a makeup wipe. Baby wipes don't have the unique ingredients for proper removal. 

You will end up pulling and tugging at your skin when you rub it over your face. After scrubbing, there will still be makeup leftover, so it's really not a great option. 

What To Do After Removing Your Makeup

Once all your makeup is off, it's time for skincare! You can use toner, moisturizer, and serums to help your skin look its best. At night, your skin repairs itself, and certain products can aid in the process. 

When you wake up in the morning, you won't have to spend any time getting that leftover makeup off. You can wash your face if you feel like you need to, but it's not a must for everyone. People with oily skin should opt for a gentle cleanser in the morning. However, if you have dry skin, you can probably skip washing your face when you wake up. Instead, you go in with moisturizer, daytime serums, and SPF. 

When you start the day with clean skin, your makeup will look fresh as well. It will match your skin and go on evenly without yesterday's makeup in the way!

In Summary

Removing all of your makeup is essential to keeping your skin clear and healthy. You may need to take a little extra time at the end of the day, but it will be worth it in the long run. You will get all of your makeup off and have a fresh face in the morning when you follow these tips and tricks. 

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