What Are Frown Lines: What To Know and What To Do

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Whether you’re happy or angry, when you make different facial expressions, the skin on your forehead moves around. Over time, you develop little creases in your skin from making these facial expressions. As you age, your frown lines can get deeper and deeper. 

There are steps you can take to slow down the aging process and prevent frown lines from developing prematurely. There are also ways to treat your frown lines once they do mature. 

We are going to go over how these lines appear and what you can do about them. We will also go over how you can cover them with makeup if you're looking for a quick fix. 

What Causes Frown Lines? 

Frown lines are the vertical lines that run between your brows and onto your forehead. These are not the lines you get from arching your brows up, which create horizontal lines. Those lines are glabellar lines, which your frown lines can run into. 

If you're younger, you may only see these lines when you're making an expression. Once you get older, you start to lose the collagen and elasticity in your skin, resulting in seeing these lines whether you're making a facial expression or not. Your skin is looser and not as taut, and the effect of these repeated movements takes its toll. You may also experience sagging. 

Some people will see noticeable frown lines sooner than others. The reason for premature aging has to do with certain lifestyles. For example, high stress levels, an unhealthy diet, and sun exposure can be damaging your skin leading to early wrinkles. 

One reason people develop wrinkles sooner than others is because of their genetics. Unfortunately, this isn't something you can control. If you're born with thicker skin, your skin will look youthful for longer. Thicker skin results from cells being densely packed together, making it harder to see fine lines and wrinkles. It takes longer for their skin to thin out. People with high melanin levels in their skin are pre-disposed to have thicker skin. 

How To Cover Frown Lines 

You can cover frown lines quickly with makeup, but it won't make them totally disappear. However, it can offer a temporary solution to help make them not as prominent.

After cleansing and moisturizing your skin, reach for a primer with silicone in it. Silicone will help fill the frown lines and create a smoothing effect on the skin before you even go in with any makeup. 

It will also help your foundation glide on effortlessly by adding an extra layer of hydration. Not all primers are created equal, so if you notice your foundation is becoming splotchy after you apply it, it may be the primer you’re using. 

Once you've prepped your skin, apply your foundation in a thin layer across your face. HIDE Premium Foundation is weightless, and the pigments in the formula mimic skin for a flawless natural finish. It also works on any skin type. Allow your foundation to set and then go in with concealer. 

Similarly to foundation, start with a thin layer of concealer in the areas you need it. HIDE Premium Concealer has an undetectable finish and will last all day. Once you're done with concealer, allow it to set. If any of the foundation or concealer has settled into your frown lines or other wrinkles, take a tissue or blotting paper and gently pat your skin to remove the excess product. 

Finish the rest of your makeup as you normally would. Instead of applying powder over your fine lines and wrinkles, use a setting spray to lock it in place.

At-Home Remedies for Frown Lines

There are various at-home remedies for frown lines. The best thing you can do is create a skincare routine and stick to it. Healthy skin won't show signs of aging as easily. It will also look better under makeup. Consider using some of these products in your skincare routine. 

Moisturizing Treatments 

Lotions and creams are not the same. A cream provides more hydration than a lotion. If you feel like your skin isn't as hydrated as it once was, try a moisturizing overnight cream. Skin that is moisturized will hold its shape better. 

Antioxidant Cream 

When your skin comes in contact with oxidative stress from the pollution in the air or toxins, it can show signs of aging faster. Antioxidant cream can counteract this stress. Antioxidants are found in things like green tea, aloe, and vitamin E. They stimulate new skin growth and keep the surface of your skin youthful. 

Hyaluronic Acid 

Products with hyaluronic acid can benefit the barrier of the skin and can create a smoother top layer. It has a plumping effect on the skin, and over time it can significantly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 


Serums, cleansers, and creams with peptides in them can encourage cell turnover and make your skin look brighter. While peptides won't erase wrinkles, they will give your skin an overall smoother look. Some peptides may even boost collagen levels. 

You may not need every single one of these products in your skincare routine. Talk to a dermatologist to find out what your skin needs are. 

How To Treat Frown Lines 

It's ok if you're not genetically blessed. There are things you can do to prevent frown lines. 

Skin Treatment Options 

Many different treatments can be done to the top layer of your skin to help diminish wrinkles. Microdermabrasion, for example, is a treatment that uses tiny particles to buff away the top layer of skin, which allows new skin to grow. 

Chemical peels and laser resurfacing are more intense treatments that also remove the top layer of skin. These different procedures help make wrinkles look smaller and fine lines disappear. 

Injectable Treatments 

If topical treatments aren't giving you the desired results, there are also injectable options. These options can give you more dramatic results since topical treatments can only do so much. 

Botox is one option that is a muscle relaxant, and it can be injected into your frown lines. You'll still be able to make facial expressions, but you won't be able to furrow your brow as much. It prevents the frown lines from getting deeper while also smoothing them out. 

Another injectable option is dermal fillers. Instead of relaxing the muscles, they fill the frown lines. Some of these fillers are made from hyaluronic acid, which creates a plumping effect and adds moisture back into your skin. If your frown lines have formed deep creases, dermal fillers may be a good option. You can get botox and fillers if you feel like you need both.

A doctor will help you decide the best solution by going over your desired results and how you can achieve them. Botox usually only lasts three to six months, while fillers can last up to a year. 

There's also facelift surgery that can tighten your skin and give you longer-lasting results. However, surgery comes with possible complications and a longer healing process than injectables. 

In Summary 

Frown lines are a natural part of aging, and many people have them. Some people get them sooner than others due to lifestyle choices and genetics. Several products can help treat them at home. You can also get professional procedures for more dramatic results. 

Makeup is also an excellent option to quickly diminish the signs of aging. Although it's only a temporary solution, it can make a noticeable difference. HIDE premium products can cover these fine lines and wrinkles.


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