Makeup Tips: How to Apply Foundation like a Pro

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Foundation has come a long way from the one-size-fits-all cakey formula it was in the early days. Now you can find a foundation for every skin type and makeup look. 

If you want a sheer, medium, or full coverage makeup look, there's a foundation for that. There's also a number of tools and techniques to implement to apply your foundation flawlessly. 

You may feel like you'll never be able to do your foundation like a professional, but it's easier than it may appear! 

HIDE Premium Foundation is a great option for anyone looking to enhance their makeup game. We're going to get into everything you need to know, from picking a foundation shade to applying it to your face. 

Soon you'll have family and friends commenting on how good your skin looks and asking for advice!

What Foundation Is

Foundation is the base of your makeup. It creates an even skin tone to build off of.  

The formula tends to be thinner than a concealer and should go on before anything else. Most foundations have the same general ingredients. The majority of foundations contain moisturizers, pigment, and fillers. Some foundations will also add other beneficial ingredients like SPF, acne-fighting ingredients, or illuminating properties.  

One of the most common foundation mistakes made is using the wrong shade. Your foundation shade should match your natural skin tone. You don't just need to match your shade, but also your undertone

There are warm, neutral, and cool undertones that foundations come in. Take a close look at your skin, and don't just assume you know what your undertone is. Some people with fair skin can have warm undertones, so it's not always just a given based on your skin color.

Once you know your skin's undertone, you can figure out your shade. HIDE has a light, medium, and dark shade to go along with each of the three traditional undertones. 

If you feel like you know your shade and undertone in another foundation, but you don't know what HIDE product will match your skin, you can use our shade finder. You simply find your current foundation, and we will tell you what shade of ours your need. 

When you have a foundation that matches your skin, the application will be so much easier. The other thing you have to consider is the type of foundation you need.

Foundation On The Market

Before you can apply your foundation like a pro, consider what type of makeup you're using. There are many different foundation formulations.

Powder Foundation

Powder foundation is made from pigments and minerals. These foundation ingredients are dry, so they’re sold in a loose powder form or pressed. 

This foundation type can give you a very natural-looking finish but is buildable so you can achieve a full coverage look. It's vital, though, to use a good formula and application technique for a good result.

People with oily skin may reach for powder foundations because of the dry consistency. However, other foundations can work with oily skin. 

Stick Foundation

Stick foundations have a solid consistency but provide more moisture than a powder foundation. However, it's still a fairly dry product. So, people with oily skin also favor stick foundations. 

Stick foundation can be harder to blend out since it is thicker and drier. But it is easy to put on your skin since you can use the stick for precise application control. 

Cream Foundation

A cream foundation has a looser formulation than a stick foundation but is still very thick. It provides full coverage and a smooth finish when applied correctly. This style of foundation can easily cover blemishes or other skin imperfections. 

Cream foundation works best on people with normal to dry skin, while people with oily skin may not like the heavier consistency. Additionally, it is very easy to have a cakey-looking appearance if you misapply the cream foundation. 

Liquid Foundation

Liquid foundation is the most versatile out of all the foundations on the market. You can adjust the coverage, sheering it out, or build it up to full coverage. You can also mix it with different products, like SPF.

HIDE Premium Foundation has a soft-matte finish that is medium-full coverage. It is long-lasting, weightless, oil-free, and works on all skin types. 

How To Apply Foundation

Now that you have a firm grasp on what foundation is and what formulations are out there let's go over how to apply it to your face. 

You always want to start with clean, moisturized skin whenever possible for the best results. 

  • Prime If Needed: To prime or not to prime? Some people always pass on this extra base layer, even some makeup artist. That's because it's not always necessary, depending on the makeup look you're going for and what products you're using. However, when applied correctly, it can prolong your foundation, locking it in for all-day wear.

    There's a lot of different primers on the market, like anti-shine primers and illuminating primers. It just depends on your personal skin needs.

    When using HIDE Premium Foundation, primer isn't needed since our formulation ensures it will last all day.
  • Start In The Center and Move Outward: Start with a thin layer of foundation in the center of your face and slowly blend it outwards. This technique will give you a natural-looking finish without causing a cakey appearance. However, if you're not happy with the level of coverage after the first layer, add another thin layer of foundation.

    If you know a particular area of your face will need a concealer, you don't need to layer on the foundation thick. You just want to create a semi even complexion to build off of. Your concealer can cover the areas you feel you really need it, like dark under-eye circles or any hyperpigmentation.

    As far as what to apply your foundation with, it depends on what type of foundation you're using. If you're using a powder foundation, a fluffy foundation brush works best for buffing it into your skin. If you're using a stick or a cream foundation, you want to reach for a denser foundation brush, like a flat top brush. For liquid foundation, you can use almost any foundation brush or a wet makeup sponge. The trick is to buff, dab, and stipple. Try not to rub or drag the product around your face. 
  • Blot & Set: Once you've applied your foundation and concealer, it's time to blot and set. Go over any areas of your face where you may have creasing and blot off any excess product that could settle into your fine lines. Next, use a translucent powder to lock in your makeup and prevent an oily appearance.  

Foundation Tips & Tricks

Here are some other tips and tricks that will help you attain a flawless complexion using foundation. 

  • Blend Onto Your Ears & Neck: Don't be shy. Blend your foundation onto your ears and neck. If you just use your foundation on your face, you will end up with the dreaded foundation line. So blend your foundation down your neck and onto your ears. 

    You don't need to cover your entire ear, just the part closest to your face. For instance, if you have red earlobes, you should cover them with foundation, so everything matches.

    Similarly, you don't need to completely cover your entire neck but apply a very thin layer past your jawline. You can go to about your throat and then just fade the product out.  
  • Apply In Natural Light: Natural light will never do you wrong. The bathroom mirror, on the other hand, can deceive you. What looks like a smooth complexion under bathroom lights can actually be uneven. However, if you apply your foundation in front of a sun-filled window, you will be able to tell what your skin looks like. 
  • Concealer: Concealer and foundation are partners, like two peas in a pod. After you apply your foundation, use concealer on the areas that you need more coverage. You'll end up using less foundation and get a better-looking complexion.  

HIDE Premium Concealers offer fantastic coverage and come in a variety of different shades. 

In Summary

Applying foundation doesn't have to feel tedious or overwhelming. You can put on your makeup like a pro in just a few easy steps.

The most important thing to remember is to find the correct shade for your skin. The incorrect shade will be impossible to blend seamlessly into your neck and ears. HIDE has a shade finder to help you select the perfect shade. 

Before you apply your foundation, make sure to prep your skin. Next, apply thin layers of foundation with a brush or a damp makeup sponge until you have an even complexion. Finally, finish by covering any imperfections peeking through and set your face for all-day wear.

HIDE Premium Foundation will do a lot of the work for you since it offers excellent waterproof coverage that won't budge! 



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