How to Pick a Concealer that Fits Your Style

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A pro concealer is one of the most indispensable makeup products on the market. It can be a real game-changer. However, if you take a few wrong turns in the concealer world, your final makeup look can end up leaving you with something to be desired. 

HIDE Premium Concealers are an excellent choice for any makeup bag, but we will talk about the different coverages and formulations you can find with other concealers too. 

We are also going to touch on color-correcting concealers as well. At first glance, they can seem intimidating, but once you understand the science behind them, it will start making sense!

We are also going to dive into some makeup tips and hacks - from how you choose one that fits your style, to how to apply it, to what you should try to avoid. 

So, have no fear! Any concealer fears or confusion will be over soon. 

Different Skin Types

Similar to makeup, there are many variations in skin types, colors, and textures. So before we go over the various concealer formulations, let's review the different skin types. 

It is essential to understand your own skin first, so you can find the perfect makeup to fit your needs. 

Dry Skin

In a lot of cases, people don't just have dry skin. It usually has something to do with external factors. For example, the weather, the soap you're using, and the amount of sun you're getting can all have something to do with your dry skin. In comparison, some will struggle with dry skin throughout their lives despite taking preventive measures. 

In severe cases, dry skin can result in cracks that leave you more exposed to the possibility of bacteria penetrating your skin. Dry skin may also be the result of other skin disorders, like eczema. Dry skin can differ depending on certain variables like age, health, and more.

Dry skin can leave you feeling tight, rough, and itchy. If you don't have a severe case, at-home treatments like moisturizers and hydrating masks can do the trick. 

Oily Skin

On the opposite side of the dry skin spectrum is oily skin. Oily skin is the result of excessive fat production by sebaceous glands

Oily skin can clog pores leading to breakouts, but it's not all bad. People with oily skin tend to have fewer wrinkles. 

Avoid drying out oily skin too much. You want to maintain the natural moisture. While there is no one size fits for oily skin, we do have a few tips for dealing with this skin type. However, you should consult a dermatologist to create a perfect balance.

Tip 1: Wash Your Face Correctly

Wash your face in the morning, after a workout, and in the evening with a gentle cleanser. Try to resist the urge to scrub your skin because this can irritate it and make the problem worse.  

Tip 2: Skip the Oil

Opt for oil-free skincare and makeup products. These products won't clog your pores and cause even more acne. 

HIDE products are water-based and oil-free, which will allow your pores to breathe. 

Tip 3: Hands Off

Try not to touch your face throughout the day. We know this can be a tough one for some people. However, your hands can transfer dirt, oil, and bacteria onto your face. Try to only touch your face with clean hands when you're applying skin products or makeup. 

Combination Skin

Combination skin is when you have characteristics of both dry and oily skin. You can have combination skin when the distribution of sebaceous and sweat glands is not compatible. 

The area with more oil most often is the T- zone (forehead, nose, and chin), and you're usually left with normal or dry skin on the rest of the face. 

You want to be somewhere in the middle with your makeup products, not super matte, but not super hydrating. If you have one or the other, you can end up looking too dry or too greasy. 

HIDE liquid products have a soft matte finish, giving you the perfect in-between.

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A Shade For Every Skin Tone

HIDE has a variety of nude shades to match almost every skin color.

You should aim for one or two shades lighter for under your eyes and highlighting, a shade one or two shades darker for contouring, and a shade that perfectly matches your skin color for covering blemishes. 

Look out for words like neutral, warm, and cool. These have to do with your skin's undertone. If you need a light concealer with warm undertones and you get a light concealer with cool undertones, it won't look quite right.

HIDE products can hide almost anything on their own, but if you're waiting for it to arrive on your doorstep or you're opting for something else, there are color-correcting concealers to help you out.

We can look at the color wheel to get an idea of the concealer color we need. For example, green is the opposite of red on the color wheel, so green cancels out red, orange cancels out blue, and yellow cancels out purple. 

If you have dark under-eye circles, reach for an orange concealer first, then go in with your normal nude-colored concealer on top of that. If you have a red blemish, use a little green concealer on it before your normal concealer. 

You may have to play around a little with different shades and colors before you discover what works perfectly for you. 

Application To Fit Your Style

Concealer comes in many different formulations, and you can use different application techniques for different ones. 

Concealers come in three main consistencies, cream, stick, and liquid. Cream and stick concealers tend to be thicker than liquid foundation and very pigmented. Since cream and stick concealers are thicker, watch out for dry spots or blemishes. It can stick unflatteringly to your dry spots and clog your pores. 

HIDE Premium Foundation is a soft matte foundation that is an excellent option for almost every skin type. It won't leave you too dry and also won't clog your pores, thanks to its water-based, oil-free formula. 

Let's get into the application techniques for different makeup looks, but just know a concealer is going to be medium to full coverage. If you only want a sheer product, you may just want a tinted moisturizer. Concealer is meant to be thicker, so it can cover your imperfections. 

Natural Look

If you are looking for a natural makeup look using concealer, this can be done! Just use a small amount in the areas you need coverage, like under your eyes and on blemishes. You can use a damp makeup sponge to gently dab it in the areas you put concealer, leaving a flawless look. 

Medium Coverage

For an everyday makeup look, start with a layer of HIDE Premium Foundation after you prime your skin. Then apply an inverted triangle under your eyes and on any imperfections. Finally, blend it out into your foundation with your method of choice. 

Full Coverage:

Similar to medium coverage, start with primer and foundation for a full coverage look. Next, apply a concealer a shade or two lighter under your eyes and in your T-zone. Then go in with a concealer a shade or two darker along your hairline and jawline. Finally, blend it all out for the perfect contoured look. 

Concealer Hacks

You should have a pretty good grasp on what concealers you need and how to use them, but here are a few hacks for that  perfect flawless finish. 

  • Apply Your Concealer In Natural Light: You can feel like your skin looks perfectly blended and then catch a glance of your face in the mirror in your car outside and realize your complexion doesn't look as even as you thought. Natural lighting never lies. Try sitting in front of a window the sun comes through, and it will show if you've missed a spot or if you're using the wrong shade. 
  • Use Concealer On Your Body: You can use makeup in other areas besides your face. If you have a blemish on your chest, there's no need to wear a turtleneck. Just use a small amount of HIDE concealer to cover it up. 
  • Highlight Your Lips And Brows: Concealer can make your eyebrows and lips pop. You can enhance them with concealer by using a shade one or two shades lighter than your foundation. Try putting a small amount of concealer onto a fine tip brush and outline the outside line of your lips and around your brows. Your lips will look plumper, and you will look like you got a brow lift.

In Summary

HIDE products will never do you wrong. They are ultra-lightweight, transfer-resistant, and long-lasting for any makeup look. 

They work on any skin type, but make sure you are taking care of your skin for the best results. 

Our premium concealers will make an excellent addition to your makeup bag. 



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