The Best Way To Use a Beauty Blender Like the Pros

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The beauty blender quickly took over the makeup world, and today many professionals and makeup lovers have them in their kits. This versatile tool can help you achieve a flawless finish and so much more. 

However, if you're new to makeup, you may not be using it correctly. When you know how to use the beauty blender, it can change your makeup game forever. You may even like it better than your makeup brushes.

We are going to go over all the tips and tricks you need to know to utilize your beauty blender. We will also explore how to best take care of it and when it's time to grab a new one. 

How To Use a Beauty Blender

The number one mistake people make with their beauty blender is that they don't get it wet. Before these makeup sponges, not that many people knew how beneficial a slightly damp sponge could be. 

You want to fully immerse your beauty blender in water and then squeeze it out. You can even wrap it in a towel and squeeze out the water. You want it wet but not soaking. If you don't wring out the water, it will dilute your makeup and may compromise the formulation.

You can also spray your beauty blender with a facial mist after it's wet. It can provide added benefits depending on the facial mist you have and add extra hydration. The mist will infuse into your products, so make sure they're compatible.

Once it is appropriately damp, it will be a little bigger and softer. You want to wet your sponge because a dry sponge will soak up all of your product, especially if you're using a liquid foundation. When you use a wet sponge, you will be saving a lot of makeup and be able to achieve a streak-free application. 

Here are the steps to using your beauty blender

Step 1

Prime your skin and prepare it for makeup. Use a gentle cleanser to remove any dirt and oil sitting on the surface of your skin. You also want to apply a moisturizer to hydrate your skin. Dry skin will absorb more makeup. 

Step 2

Next, wet your makeup sponge by placing it under the faucet. You don't need the water to be cold or hot, but some makeup artists like to use warm water in the winter and cold water in the summer. The cold water will feel nice and refreshing, and the warm water will help your products melt into your skin. Remember to squeeze out the excess water, and it's ready to use. 

Step 3

Grab your foundation of choice. A liquid foundation, like HIDE Premium Foundation, is easy to use with a makeup sponge. Apply a few dots of foundation around your face and then dab it into your skin with your beauty blender. 

You can also put the foundation on the back of your hand and dab your sponge on it to pick up the product and apply it to your face. Press the sponge gently over your face for a streak-free finish. 

You will want to use the wide end of the sponge for the foundation since you are covering a larger surface. When you're done with foundation and ready for concealer, you can use the more narrow end of the sponge, which is specifically designed to fit nicely in your under-eye area and smaller crevasses. HIDE Premium Concealer offers great coverage and can cover any imperfection.

The one thing you want to avoid is dragging or rubbing your makeup in with your beauty blender. If you drag instead of dab, you will just end up moving the product around. You won't end up with an even finish or good coverage. 

Creative Beauty Blender Uses 

There are many different uses for a beauty blender that you may not have considered before. Let's go over some of the other ways you can put this makeup tool to use. 

Contour: Once you can apply your base makeup like a pro, it's time to graduate to contour. Apply a darker concealer to the areas of your face that you want to sculpt, like your cheekbones, jawline, nose, and around your hairline. Where you don't place the dark concealer, place a lighter concealer. Using the narrow side of the beauty blender, blend out the concealer completely. 

Eyeshadow: Makeup sponges come in many shapes and sizes. You can use the mini sponges for eyeshadow. Using a cream eyeshadow, you can create an easy monochromatic look. Rub your sponge onto the eyeshadow and then press it onto your lid. Use the pointy end of the beauty blender to blend it out into your crease. 

Nail Sponge: Once your makeup sponge is in its last days, you can use it for other things, like your nails. You can paint your nails and then add a small amount of different colored nail polish to the sponge. Dab it over your nails for a two-toned nail effect. 

Root Touch-Up: Grab your beauty blender if you need a root touch-up but don't have the time for hair dye or a trip to the salon. Using your beauty blender, you can cover your grey hair by applying a small amount of matte shadow to your hair. 

The possibilities are endless! You don't just have to use it in conventional ways. 

How To Clean a Beauty Blender

All makeup tools get dirty when you use them. They pick up dirt, oil, and bacteria on your skin. A damp sponge can be the perfect breeding ground for germs and bacteria to flourish. Keeping your sponge clean is crucial to keep your skin healthy. 

A makeup sponge filled with dirt and grime can end up causing a breakout. The contaminants can clog your pores, which leads to acne. You can also end up with an infection or other skin issues when using a dirty makeup tool. 

Cleaning it frequently and thoroughly will help you avoid any skin issues. You can use a makeup tool cleanser or just regular soap or dish soap. Apply a small amount of cleanser or soap onto the sponge and work it in with your fingers. 

Next, rinse the sponge out with warm water and squeeze it out. You will see the makeup starting to leave your sponge. However, you may need to repeat this process a few times before it's clean. 

How Often Should You Clean Your Makeup Sponge?

In an ideal world, you would clean your makeup sponge after every use. However, most people aren't willing to clean their makeup tools this often.  A more doable expectation is once a week. 

It would help if you also kept it in the open air to dry out between uses since a damp environment can lead to mildew growth. If you notice your sponge start to stink, it's probably time to toss it and use a new one. 

Even if you keep it clean, you still need to replace the beauty blender every three months.  

In Summary

A beauty blender can be one of the most useful tools in a makeup kit. You can achieve a flawless finish and a perfectly contoured look using your makeup sponge. HIDE premium products are easy to apply with a beauty blender. 

It would be best if you wet your makeup sponge before using it for optimal application. However, you want to keep your sponge as clean as possible and allow it to dry out between uses. 


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