Is Face Mapping Legit and Can It Improve My Skin Health?

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You wake up and see a blemish in a familiar spot. You may be wondering why it keeps coming back. These pimples may be a sign that your body is trying to tell you something. 

Skin is our largest organ. When something with your health goes astray, your skin can alert you to an internal issue. According to face mapping, there's a reason your acne pops up in specific zones. 

So is it possible to achieve clear skin through face mapping? We are going to go over what face mapping is and if it can actually help with your health. 

What Is Face Mapping?

Face mapping dates back to an ancient technique from the Ayurveda teachings and Chinese medicine. This therapeutic technique uses the patterns of your acne to assess your overall health. Since they couldn't just take a scan or blood test thousands of years ago, they used what was happening externally to determine what was happening internally. 

Even though face mapping isn't necessarily rooted in modern science, you can still make accurate assessments. There are science-backed principles for why you develop acne in certain areas. Hormonal acne, for example, often develops on your chin and jawline. Face mapping is a sort of road map to underlying issues.  

In Chinese medicine, your organs have a different color, temperature and manifest in different ways. For example, you can analyze the health of your liver by looking at your eyes. As it turns out, this ancient practice turned out to be somewhat true since jaundice, a liver disease, can cause yellowing of the eyes. 

Most modern doctors and dermatologists will encourage patients to combine face mapping with actual treatments to the blemishes themselves and not just internal issues. However, people that support face mapping claim that anyone can heal their acne by treating the root cause based on the breakout zone. 

The same issue can manifest in different areas from person to person. At the end of the day, some people break out on their forehead when stressed, while others may break out on their cheeks. The type of acne you have is what you should focus on more than the area it develops.

Chinese medicine is examining the body as a whole. Face mapping may be of some benefit since your body parts are interlinked. Although it is not an exact science, you can begin to pick up on certain patterns regarding ance and its triggers. 

How Face Mapping Works

Face mapping divides your face into different zones. Each zone correlates to a different organ in your body. When your face breaks out in a certain area, it may mean toxins have built up in a specific organ. Therefore, in theory, you can treat that organ, and your skin will clear in that zone. 

There are a few different face maps, but usually, they vary between six and 14 zones. For each zone, there are recommended diet or lifestyle changes that may help you heal the correlating organ. According to Chinese medicine, here are some of the different zones and what they mean for your health.

1. Middle of the Forehead

According to this ancient technique, the area above your brows is believed to be linked to your gallbladder and liver. If you notice acne popping up in this area, the recommendation is to consume less processed food and fat. 

2. Between the Brows

When you see pimples between your eyebrows, it also correlates to your liver. You may be drinking or smoking too much. It also could be linked to eating too much fat as well, like butter and cheese.

3. Nose

Your nose is thought to be connected to your lungs and heart. If you are experiencing breakouts on your nose, you may want to check your blood pressure and vitamin B levels. This vitamin helps the cells in your body function properly and also enables you to convert food into energy. 

4. Cheeks

In face mapping, your cheeks can be linked to your stomach, spleen, and respiratory system. If you have a red rash on your cheeks, you may be dealing with stomach inflammation. If you're breaking out, you may be having issues with allergies or your sinuses. 

5. Around Your Mouth

Chinese medicine says the area around your mouth is connected to your digestive organs. Your diet may be the reason for acne in this zone. Switching to a whole foods diet of eating more fruits and vegetables is believed to help.

6. Chin

Your chin is related to your hormone levels and stress. You may have a hormonal acne issue if you continually break out on your chin and jawline area. 

Women often notice these breakouts around the time of their menstrual cycle. Acne can also occur in this zone if you have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). You can speak to a doctor if you believe your hormones are out of whack. They can also run tests to see if you have PCOS.

Understanding Your Acne

Face mapping believers usually only recommend changing your diet or lifestyle based on where you're breaking out. While these changes may help your skin, you can also treat your acne directly to clear your skin. 

When your pores become clogged with dirt, oil, dead skin cells, and bacteria, it results in a blemish. You can help keep your pores clean by washing your face with a gentle cleanser daily and exfoliating regularly. 

There are also a number of acne medications and treatments that you may find beneficial in clearing your skin. You will have different needs based on what kind of acne you have. For those with acne caused by bacteria, certain products, like benzoyl peroxide, can help. However, if you have hormonal acne, you may need oral medication to balance your hormones. 

A dermatologist can help you create a skincare routine and prescribe any medications you may need. 

Face Mapping and Makeup 

Whether you are trying to heal your acne from the inside out or are using products directly on your blemishes, it can take a while before you see results. Makeup can help cover your acne while it's still present. 

However, you don't want to make your acne worse with makeup, and ones with oil in the ingredients may clog your pores. Look for oil-free makeup, like HIDE premium foundation and concealer. It won't make your acne worse, and it feels lightweight on the skin. 

When applying your makeup, start with a foundation to create an even complexion. Next, apply a brightening concealer under your eyes and in the places you want to look naturally highlighted. HIDE Premium Concealer can completely cover any imperfections. 

For your blemishes, use a concealer that is an exact match for your skin tone. You don't want to use a lighter concealer because it can draw attention to your acne. A concealer that matches will help the blemish disappear into the rest of your skin. 

You can set your face with a translucent powder or setting spray. However, HIDE products are shine proof, so you don't have to set your face if you don't want to. 

In Summary

Even though you have more options than people did thousands of years ago to figure out what is happening with your body, face mapping can still be beneficial. Your skin can often reflect what is going on internally. 

You can think of face mapping as something to work in tandem with modern medicine. While your skin may alert you to a problem, you may also want to consult a doctor to create a treatment plan. 

HIDE premium products can help cover your acne while you're trying to heal it holistically or with medicine. 



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