Vegan Makeup: What Does It Mean to Use Vegan Cosmetics

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The choices are almost endless when it comes to cosmetics. You can get 20 different foundations, countless lipstick shades, and hundreds of different colors of eyeshadow in the same store. But what about the choices that really matter? 

For example, the choice to buy cosmetics that are safe and ethically manufactured? There aren't a lot of regulations about what can be put into your makeup in America. There are also not many laws against animal testing, either. 

Some companies, like HIDE, choose to be vegan, but what does that mean? We are going to go over what being a vegan brand means and why it is beneficial for you, animals, and the planet.  

What Are Vegan Cosmetics?

Veganism is on the rise, not just how people eat but also how they buy. More people are looking for vegan cosmetics, with the supply of vegan cosmetics growing by 175 percent in the last five years and continues to be on an upward trajectory. 

But why is there so much hype around being vegan? First, a vegan cosmetic means that it contains no animal products or byproducts. Traditional ingredients in cosmetics are materials such as honey, beeswax, collagen, elastin, lanolin, and much more. These ingredients are replaced with materials that come from plants or minerals. 

However, a brand being vegan does not mean that the product is totally natural or organic. You should also check the ingredient list to make sure there isn't something used that may cause you to have an allergic reaction. You may also want to test it on a small patch of skin before applying it all over your face for the first time. Additional information in the product's fine print will have more on if the product fits your skin type and needs. 

All of HIDE's premium products are vegan-friendly. We don't use any animal products or byproducts in our cosmetics. 

What Does Cruelty-Free Mean?

A brand can be vegan but still test on animals. Crazy, right? Vegan does not mean cruelty-free. Vegan just means no animal materials can be found in your cosmetics, not that no animals were used or harmed in the production process. 

Cruelty-free means the product is made without animal testing. Several big-name cosmetic companies test on animals. In some countries, it is a requirement that products are tested on animals before brands can even sell them.  These animal testing requirement laws don't exist in America, and many companies have gotten rid of animal testing. 

Many animal rights organizations are trying to stop animal experimentation. They also encourage consumers not to purchase products from animal testing labs. Many people look for both vegan and cruelty-free brands now more than ever. 

Plus, there are more sophisticated ways of assuring a product is safe now, thanks to alternatives like testing on human cells and tissues. There are also advanced computer-modeling techniques.

At HIDE, we not only avoid using animal products, but we also don't test on animals. It is important to us to provide high-quality products that are ethically made in every step of the process. 

The Benefits of Vegan Cosmetics

If you don't follow a vegan diet, that doesn't mean you shouldn't consider buying vegan cosmetics. There are a number of benefits of going vegan when it comes to makeup. 

Vegan Cosmetics Are Ideal for Sensitive Skin

Most vegan cosmetics have fewer ingredients in them than non-vegan products. When you have sensitive skin, additional ingredients can mean there's a higher chance something will irritate your skin. With fewer ingredients, there's a better chance you won't develop an adverse reaction like a rash, dry skin, or breakout. 

Vegan Cosmetics Often Use More Natural Ingredients

Vegan cosmetics often use more natural ingredients, which can help your skin's complexion thanks to the added nutrients. These natural ingredients can include things like aloe vera, chamomile, and essential oils. These ingredients can do wonders for your skin. They can provide much-needed hydration, improve blemishes, and help improve uneven skin tones. 

Vegan Cosmetics Are Better for the Planet 

Vegan cosmetics are not just good for animals, but they're also good for the planet. Since most vegan products use fewer chemicals, there are fewer toxins released into the atmosphere. In addition, cruelty-free products produce a lot less waste thanks to not testing on animals. 

It is also important to note that the organizations in charge of monitoring factories and laboratories don't place as many restrictions on companies performing an act of public safety. Since animal testing is a safety precaution to ensure that chemicals are safe for humans, there may be very lax regulations at labs.  

Similar Pricing to Non-Vegan Cosmetics

You don't have to spend more money purchasing vegan products. The prices for vegan and non-vegan cosmetics are similar. So there is nothing to lose by choosing a vegan cosmetic the next time you buy!

What to Look for in Vegan Cosmetics

So if you decide you want to purchase vegan cosmetics, what should you be looking for? 

First, know that there is no legal definition for words like "herbal," "organic," or "natural.” Any company can place these words on any product. It doesn't actually make them organic or even vegan. In fact, the law does not require cosmetic brands to get approval for any ingredient other than color additives. The legal responsibility falls on individual companies to ensure the safety of their products. The law or FDA regulations don't require specific tests to show that a product or its ingredients are safe. 

The best thing you can do is read the ingredient list to make sure all the materials are vegan and appear safe for use. Many brands will also identify themselves as vegan and cruelty-free, but it's still best to read the ingredient list. 

At HIDE, we provide our ingredient list so you can see exactly what is in our products before you buy. We want you to feel good about what you’re spending your money on and putting on your skin. 

Do Vegan Cosmetics Work Well?

Some may think that vegan means the product is lower quality than non-vegan cosmetics, but this is not the case. In fact, more often than not, the vegan option is the better option in terms of quality.

Vegan cosmetics are high-quality and long-lasting. Sometimes vegan cosmetics even last longer and apply more smoothly to the skin than non-vegan makeup. Many vegan cosmetics can last all day and are waterproof. 

HIDE Premium Foundation can help anyone achieve the perfect natural look. It has a soft matte finish that easily builds with medium to full coverage. HIDE's custom oil-free formula is made to resist sweat and won't clog your pores. It is comparable in price to other high-end brands and comes in a variety of shades so you can find your perfect match. 

The Best Option Is Vegan-Friendly

As you can see, there are many reasons to choose vegan cosmetics for your makeup bag. 

They are ethically made without using any animal materials or byproducts. Many vegan brands are also cruelty-free, meaning they don't test on animals. Vegan cosmetics are often better for people with sensitive skin since they use fewer ingredients. 

HIDE products are not only vegan and cruelty-free, but they are also just as high-quality as non-vegan cosmetics. HIDE products apply evenly and will keep your skin looking great all day.



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