Airbrush Foundation vs. Regular: What's the Difference

Airbrush Foundation vs. Regular: What's the Difference

Airbrush foundation may seem superior to regular makeup, but it comes with its pros and cons. In general, airbrushing is used by makeup artists for people on their wedding day or a special occasion. If you're trying to decide if you should go the airbrush route or use a traditional foundation, we have some things for you to consider. 

We'll go through the specific distinctions between airbrush makeup and regular makeup. We'll also discuss the positives and negatives of each foundation. We'll provide you with all of the information you need to make an informed decision on the type of foundation you should use.

What Is Airbrush Foundation?

Airbrush makeup involves using a small gun with an air compressor to spray a fine mist of foundation onto the skin. The foundation application is much thinner than traditional makeup since the airbrush gun allows a small amount of product to cover a large area. It creates an even seamless base. You can also apply other makeup with an airbrush gun like bronzer and blush. 

The flawless application can be long-lasting. You can also build coverage or achieve a natural look. Some people may think you can't get full coverage with an airbrushed foundation, but it is possible. You can adjust the air pressure and trigger on the gun to achieve the coverage level desired. 

The base of the foundation you use will dictate the coverage and finish you get. There are silicone formulas that offer light to full coverage that is long-lasting and smudge-proof. Water-based foundations can give you a dewy glow all day long. 

You can also find alcohol-based foundations that are waterproof and are usually used for more intense makeup, like on Halloween. However, alcohol can be too harsh for some skin types, and it can cause dryness and other skin issues. If you struggle with acne, a water-based foundation is the way to go. It is the most gentle on the skin, and it can also contain nourishing ingredients. 

Traditional Foundation

The main difference between an airbrush foundation and a traditional foundation is how the product is applied. Instead of using a gun, you put on a regular foundation with makeup tools like a foundation brush or a makeup sponge. You have to blend it out by hand using a buffing motion. 

Airbrush foundation is all liquid formulations, but a traditional foundation can come in many different forms. There are powder, stick, and cream formulations. These can't be used in an airbrush gun. There are also many different liquid formulations when it comes to regular foundations. 

HIDE Premium Foundation is a custom oil-free liquid formula made to resist sweat and won't clog your pores. It's also weightless and provides excellent coverage to hide any imperfection

You can tailor your foundation more to your skin type and finish preference using traditional makeup. You can also easily build up coverage in specific areas. Unlike an airbrush gun, which can only apply an even layer across a large area, regular foundation application allows you to concentrate the product where needed. 

Skin Type and Your Foundation

The type of foundation you choose will depend on your skin. Airbrushed makeup is ideal for people with normal skin. However, it doesn't look great on people with dry skin. The spray-on foundation may flake on dehydrated skin. Most airbrushed makeup is waterproof and not as hydrating as traditional liquid formulations. 

People with oily or combination skin may also prefer a traditional foundation. Since the airbrush application is thin, it doesn't work great for covering acne. You will have to use a concealer to cover blemishes fully. HIDE Premium Concealer is lightweight but provides excellent coverage. 

The Price

When you compare the price between airbrush and regular foundation, there is a clear difference. Airbrush makeup is the more expensive option. In general, you have to pay for a makeup artist to apply the product correctly. A makeup artist usually charges more if you want airbrushed makeup versus a traditional foundation. 

If you do it yourself, you have to buy the makeup and the expensive airbrush gun to apply it. Plus, you have to learn how to use the machine the right way and how to spray the product to get the best results. Traditional makeup isn't nearly as pricey, and neither are the tools needed. 

Foundation and Weather

You may be wondering if airbrush makeup holds up better than regular makeup. Airbrush makeup is suitable and long-lasting for any weather. Its ability to resist rainy and hot conditions is one of the main reasons people select this type of makeup for special events. 

However, high-quality traditional makeup should also be able to withstand rain and intense heat. If it is properly prepped and finished, regular makeup can last just as long. HIDE Premium Foundation can last all day, no matter what your day holds. The finish is a soft matte, so you won't get shiny if you have to be in humid conditions. 

Pros and Cons of Airbrush Foundation

You already know some of the pros and cons of an airbrush foundation. Let's go over some of the other upsides and downsides to this type of makeup. 

Pro: Airbrush Foundation Is Long-Lasting

When you pay for airbrushed makeup, you want it to last, and you don't want to deal with having to do touch-ups. One of the biggest upsides to this foundation is that it stays in place. The makeup used is formulated to be more water-resistant than regular foundation. Therefore, it will be one less thing you have to worry about during the day. 

Con: Airbrush Foundation Is Difficult to Re-Blend

Even waterproof makeup isn't always completely cry-proof. If you shed a few tears, you may end up with makeup streaks that are hard to cover up. Even if you can get an airbrush touch-up or have regular makeup on hand, it won't look like the same flawless skin. The best preventative step you can take is to make sure your foundation totally dries before moving on to other makeup. 

Pro: A Little Goes a Long Way

Airbrushed makeup is very lightweight. The spray application process allows a small amount of product to be used to cover your entire face. The thin layer of the product gives you coverage without feeling like you have a ton of makeup on. 

Con: Not as Many Shade Options

There aren't as many airbrush foundation shades as there are with regular products. You may not be able to find your perfect match. If you can't find a foundation that works for your skin, you're better off using a traditional foundation. 

Pro: It's Buildable

One major benefit to airbrush makeup is that it's easy to layer. The application method is customizable, and you can get any level of coverage. Since the makeup dries quickly, building up the layers is easier. Although too many layers will cause flaking, so there is a limit. 

The Best Option

When choosing between airbrush foundation or regular makeup, it comes down to personal preference. However, traditional makeup will work for everyone, unlike airbrush. Dry skin types and people with certain skin shades may not be able to achieve a flawless finish. Using HIDE, you can find a foundation for any skin type or shade. 

Get the Look

Get the look at HIDE for a foundation that will last just as long as airbrush makeup. The liquid formulation can work for everyone.

  1. Foundation: HIDE Premium Foundation
  2. Concealer: HIDE Premium Concealer


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