Everything You Need in Order To Build a Makeup Kit for Beginners

Everything You Need in Order To Build a Makeup Kit for Beginners

When you first get into makeup, you realize how many different products are out there. There are countless foundations, concealers, blushes, bronzers, highlighters, etc. You'll have so many options, and it can feel overwhelming. 

However, there are basic products that belong in everyone's makeup bag. Then there are the extras that some people love and others go without, like a highlighter. You'll also need the right tools to apply all of these products. 

We are going to give you a comprehensive list of products and tools you'll need for your first makeup kit. With these essentials, you'll be able to put together a complete look. 


The base to any fabulous makeup look is the foundation. It smooths and evens your complexion and hides any imperfections. Foundations come in many different formulations. There are powder, liquid, cream, and stick options. 

There are also various finishes to select from, like dewy, luminous, soft-matte, and matte. The type of foundation you choose will depend on your skin type. People with oily skin tend to lean toward mattifying foundations. Meanwhile, people with dry skin may prefer a more hydrating foundation with a dewy finish.

Your desired coverage level is important as well. Some people like sheer coverage, while others want that full coverage look. A good foundation is buildable, which will allow you to customize your makeup based on your needs. 

However, one of the most critical factors is picking the right shade for your skin. You also need to match your undertone. When you use a foundation that doesn't match your skin, it will be obvious and may look like you're wearing a mask. If you don't know your skin's undertone, there are plenty of ways you can figure it out. 

A high-quality option that offers excellent buildable coverage is HIDE Premium Foundation. It is a liquid soft-matte foundation that can work for all skin types. There are several different shade options so you can find your perfect match. 


The other half to a perfect base is a great concealer. It offers an extra layer of coverage for hiding blemishes, pigmentation, under-eyes, and any imperfection. Concealers also come in a few different formulations. There are cream, stick, and liquid concealers. 

A liquid concealer can be the best option for a beginner. It's the most versatile and can be easily blended out. Pick a shade one color lighter than your foundation for a brightening effect. For covering blemishes, choose a shade that matches your foundation. 

HIDE Premium Concealer is a liquid option that can cover anything. It's also super long-lasting and oil-free. You'll be able to get a seamless blend with your foundation. 

Setting Powder 

A setting powder is another essential product to have on hand. People with oily skin definitely need a powder, but other skin types can benefit from it as well. Setting powder can set your foundation and concealer to last all day. 

It can also prevent creasing from places like your under-eyes. A light dusting can help you mattify an entire look. You can also use it strategically in specific areas if you struggle with combination skin

Bronzer and Blush 

Once you even out your complexion with foundation and concealer, it’s time to add dimension back to your face. Both bronzer and blush are makeup kit essentials. While it may seem like you could use one or the other, they each have their own unique benefits. 

Bronzer is going to define your features and give you a glow. You don’t need a super shimmery bronzer. One that’s on the matter side is best if you’re only going to have one. You apply it below your cheekbones to highlight them. You can also apply it around your hairline for a kissed by the sun look. Start with a thin layer and build up the color as needed. 

Blush is for your cheekbones or the apples of your cheeks. It brings warmth and a flush of color back to your face. Your blush and bronzer should complement each other. Similar to bronzer, blush tends to be very pigmented, and a little can go a long way.

Eyeshadow and Eyeliner 

When it comes to your eyes, a few products are necessary. You need a basic eyeshadow pallet. Look for shadows in the neutral family with both matte and shimmery shades. You'll have enough shades to define and highlight your eyes. 

You'll also want an eyeliner to thicken your lash line. A pencil or a liquid eyeliner pen can be a good option. There are various eyeliner shades, but a classic black or brown is an excellent place to start. 


Mascara is another makeup essential for any kit. Darkening and lengthening your lashes can make your eyes stand out and complete a look. There are a few things to keep in mind when selecting a mascara. 

You'll want to find one that's easy to apply, so pay attention to one that doesn't have a giant wand. It's important that it's long-lasting and made from high-quality ingredients. You also want a smudge-proof product that doesn't feel impossible to remove.

Brow Products 

Filling in your brows should be a can't-miss-step in your makeup routine. While some may skip doing their brows, shaping and filling them in can make a significant impact on your overall appearance. There are various options when it comes to brow products

There are powders, pens, pencils, gels, and more. A basic brow retractable pencil can be the easiest to use. Select a shade half to one shade darker than your hair color if you have lighter hair. People with darker hair can pick a shade one or two shades lighter. 


A go-to lipstick is an absolute must to have in your makeup kit. However, the endless shade options can make it feel overwhelming to pick. You should base your choice on your skin tone. 

For example, fairer skin can look good in pink, peach, and red shades. Meanwhile, darker skin tones can pull off more mauve and purple hues. Choose a more muted color instead of a bold pop no matter what shade you choose. It will ensure it's versatile and can work with any look. 

Makeup Tools and Bag

You'll need a few makeup tools to use all of these products. The right tools will allow you to get a flawless application. You'll need a makeup sponge for concealer or translucent powder when you want to pack it on. 

You'll also want several different brushes. If you're not going to apply your foundation with a sponge, you'll need a foundation brush. Look for a powder brush, angled brush for bronzer, a blush brush, and a few eyeshadow brushes. There are plenty of brush kits that include everything you'll need. 

You also need a makeup bag to keep all your new products and tools. Find one that has a few pockets and is easy to clean.

Makeup Kit Ready

You now know everything you need to create a fabulous makeup kit. You can go on the hunt for these essentials. Remember, makeup is supposed to be fun, so don't get stressed. HIDE premium products can provide the perfect base for any makeup look. You will be glad you added them to your kit!

Get the Look 

Get the look at HIDE for makeup that will be a great addition to your makeup kit. Our products are high-quality and will work with any skin type. 

  1. Foundation: HIDE Premium Foundation
  2. Concealer: HIDE Premium Concealer


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