Best Makeup for Oily Skin: Top 6 Products

Best Makeup for Oily Skin: Top 6 Products

When you have oily skin, applying makeup that will last all day can be a challenge. After a few hours, you may notice your foundation breaking apart or your eye makeup smearing. However, you can avoid this if you use the right products for your skin. 

You don't want to add anything that will make you look shinier. Thankfully, there is makeup formulated with oily skin types in mind. These products are oil-free and won't make the problem worse.

You can also use specific techniques to prevent your makeup from creasing and sliding off by noon. Find out the best type of makeup for oily skin so that you can achieve a long-lasting makeup look!

Oily Skin 101

If your skin always looks shiny and feels greasy, you most likely have oily skin. Everyone's skin produces a certain amount of natural oil. This oil helps protect and hydrate your skin. However, some people's oil glands, or sebaceous glands, make too much oil, creating oily skin. 

People with this skin type often struggle with breakouts brought on by clogged pores. The excess oil, or sebum, traps dirt and dead skin cells in their pores, which leads to blemishes. Even if someone with oily skin cleanses their face twice a day, they can still produce enough oil to clog their pores. 

You want to identify why you have oily skin, so you can help stabilize your oil production. There are several causes of oily skin, and everyone with this skin type isn't oily for the same reason. Your sebaceous glands could be in overdrive because of genetics, environmental stressors, age, using the wrong products, and more. 

When you figure out the underlying cause, you can come up with a plan. You most likely need to change your skincare routine. One common misconception is that oily skin types don't need a moisturizer. However, never using lotion could be one of the reasons your glands are in overdrive. A dermatologist can help you discover why you have oily skin and how you can achieve balance. 

Makeup Products for Oily Skin

There are several things to keep in mind when selecting makeup for your skin type. You have to consider more than just your foundation if you want your makeup to last all day. With a bit of effort, you can create an excellent makeup routine for your oily skin. 

Here are six helpful makeup products to consider adding to your collection. 

1. Foundation

Foundation is the base of any makeup look, and finding the proper formulation is crucial when you have oily skin. You want to look for an oil-free foundation. There are plenty of water-based formulations on the market. This type of foundation will stay in place and won't separate as easily. 

You also want a foundation that is mattifying and isn't illuminating. A matte foundation will help you with shine control. If you choose a foundation with a radiant finish, it can make you appear overly greasy.

HIDE Premium Foundation is water-based with a semi-matte finish making it perfect for all skin types. The ingredients won't clog your pores and will feel weightless on your skin. The custom oil-free formula is made to resist sweat and won't slide off your face, even when you get a little oily.  

2. Concealer

You want to find a concealer with the same formulation as your foundation. You need something oil-free and mattifying while also offering full coverage. 

HIDE Premium Concealer lasts for over 12 hours and is shine proof. Similar to the foundation, it is breathable and won't clog your pores. Plus, it can cover any other skin problems you may be experiencing. You can conceal redness, breakouts, and dark under-eyes with ease. 

3. Translucent Powder

When you have oily skin, a translucent powder is going to be your best friend. You can apply it immediately after your foundation and concealer to lock it in place. It will help add a second mattifying layer to fight shininess throughout the day. 

Try applying a little extra powder using a makeup sponge. Let the powder sit on the skin and soak up all that extra moisture. After a few minutes, take a powder brush and buff off the excess product. This technique will help prevent your makeup from sliding off. You can also take it with you and dust a little on your face midway through your day if you start to look a little greasy. 

4. Bronzer

A powder bronzer is also the way to go when you have oily skin. The bronzer can help combat shine by absorbing excess oils. Look for a product three to four shades darker than your skin tone in a powder formulation. 

Apply the bronzer after your translucent powder in the hollows of your cheeks. You can also add it where the sun naturally tans your face or where you want to look more defined, like around your forehead and jawline. 

5. Eyeshadow Primer

If you have oily skin and you notice greasiness even on your eyelids, an eyeshadow primer will be vital. If you don't use a primer, you may end up dealing with your eyeshadow creasing and your eyeliner smudging. A quality eyeshadow primer can absorb excess moisture on your lids and help your eye makeup last all day. 

A primer can also brighten your lid and provide a tacky surface that will keep your eyeshadow in place. If you're in a bind and don't have an eye primer, you can use your concealer!

6. Mascara

You'll want to use a water-proof mascara if you're really oily in your eye area. This type of formulation will prevent it from transferring onto your skin since it resists moisture. 

Skincare for Oily Skin

The best thing you can do to ensure your makeup looks its best is follow a skincare routine. You want to find a balance where your glands are producing the right amount of oil. You don't want to strip the skin of its natural oils completely because this could lead to dry skin. 

Just like with your makeup, you will want to use oil-free skincare products. You'll also want non-comedogenic products, which means they don't contain ingredients that clog your pores or cause acne. The last thing you need is a skincare routine making the problem worse!

Find a gentle cleanser and wash your face in the morning, evening, and after your exercise. Try not to scrub your face since this can irritate your skin and activate your oil glands to go into overdrive. If you use a cleanser that is too harsh for your skin, it could also irritate your skin. 

You also want to apply a moisturizer daily. Consider getting one with SPF, so you are protected from the sun's harmful rays. The sun can damage your skin and cause premature aging. You may also want to consider a topical acne medication if you struggle with breakouts. You should consult a dermatologist about which one you should use.

In Summary

When you have oily skin, using the right makeup products is crucial. Implementing a skincare routine for your skin type will also help you control your oil production. HIDE products won't slide off your face and will give you an even-looking complexion. 

Get the Look

Shop the look at HIDE for makeup that will last all day. We have products that will stay in place even on your oily skin!

  1. Concealer: HIDE Premium Concealer
  2. Foundation: HIDE Premium Foundation



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